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We’re a kick-back, family and friend operated indie Label, Distributor, Production and Management group. Unless otherwise noted, Artists and Releases found here are nonexclusive and may very well be discovered on other websites where online music can be purchased.

However, uniquely about PMG Music is 100% of what you spend here goes to the Artists. No middle-man like iTunes or CD BABY collecting what the Artist deserves. That’s why we urge you to make your music purchase over PMG Music!


-C.A.Phillips, Founder PMG Music

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Phillips Media Group Reboots RPMG • PMG Radio

Renown 80’s-90’s DJ Sir Charlie London comes out of retirement to join PMG Music on their quest to provide the best promotion possible for their Artists and friends! PMG Radio is broadcast weekly and sent directly to several thousand subscribers within the Phillips Media Group network. Subscribe and Submit your music today!

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